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100 billion years ago
before our big bang,
the inflation of other singularities
took place in pockets of expanding expansive space.
Inflation within inflation,
Due to their infinite mass,
it must be that time stood still.
Locations without time, in time.
The cycle of nature, Birth, death, and rebirth.
Could it be that singularities of black holes,
with big bang like similarities,
through blue shifted light and the plight of local groups,
over billions and billions of years,
(long after other local groups)
have drifted past the event horizon,
due to the expansive nature of dark matter,
continue on personal journeys
to singularity fusion,
to fuse together with supermassive black holes
to create new big bangs?
New expansive regions of inflation?
An ongoing cycle?
I think. I think so.


from Beastia Novus Rexus Trismegistus, released February 7, 2014


tags: rock Provo


all rights reserved


Regal Beast Provo, Utah

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